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Emtip #44 Brew your own ginger tea

Healthy Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is wonderful anytime of the year, but it is a staple for the cold season. I drink a cup every morning during the fall and winter. It helps reduce inflammation, warms me up, and helps fight off viruses. There are many ways you can make ginger tea. Here are two ways. 1. Grate …
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Emtips #121 to #130 Boost your immune system

It is cold and flu season. Protect yourself by boosting your immunity. 121. Sleep more. Sleep is under rated, but so important. Most of us do not get enough good sleep. Treat yourself and try to get an extra hour of sleep each night this week. Add it to your routine. 122. Routine. Stick to …
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What are some other ways you can love and nurture your heart?

Emtips #54-59 54. Be happy and positive. Reduce the amount of stress in your life and learn how to manage it. Try breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, exercise or any activity that makes you happy. 55. Eat for your heart. Adopt a whole foods and anti-inflammatory diet. 56. Try to exercise most days of the week. …
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